• BlueBit Capital Asset Management
    Financing the Revolution
    Bit by Bit
  • Our Vision
    We believe Blockchain is one of the most valuable and disruptive technologies since the advent of internet.
    We expect Blockchain to change and innovate the way we do things today.
    We believe Cryptocurrencies will claim their role as a financial asset,
    enabling investment in the new technology and adding unique diversification benefits.
  • Our Mission
    To enable investments in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies via a proven asset management model.
    While doing so, we aim to be at the forefront of this revolution,
    applying the new technology to the investment manager model.
  • How we execute our Mission
    Our team comes from both finance and technology.
    They bring a wealth of knowledge in both fields leveraging fundamentals analysis,
    risk management and portfolio investing with cryptography and blockchain technology
    to address different investment goals through different investment vehicles.

BlueBit Investing Philosophy and Proprietary Trading algorithms

We identify and invest in projects that will be both disruptive and sustainable.

We believe that diversification is imperative to success because we know that in this frontier market some technologies will spectacularly succeed whilst others will fail.

We lean on our collective experience in financial markets to reduce performance volatility despite the inevitability of highly dynamic price movements in cryptocurrency markets.

We know that the path to success in these markets is to remain focused on the long-term, secular change whilst being mindful of short-term movements in valuations.




BlueBit Advisory Service

At BlueBit we are passionate about blockchain projects and the importance of successful fund raising for the right project. Our team of professionals has a diverse and broad experience with backgrounds in fintech, investment banking, finance and blockchain.

We offer our advisory services because we believe our in-depth knowledge of finance, blockchain and cryptocurrency markets (and players) are the perfect combination to take a project successfully from a simple idea to a funded product.

We approach the ICO funding as we would any capital raising and funding in the traditional finance with thorough due diligence, industry and competition knowledge, professional commitment and best practices.

We provide advice and support at every ICO stage, including pre-ICO consulting, technical development, legal considerations, marketing campaigns, crowdsale and, importantly, post-ICO maintenance.

Company & fund structure

BlueBit Capital Asset Management is a General Partnership incorporated in Luxembourg registered with CSSF. We currently manage two investment vehicles incorporate in Luxembourg in the form of Special Litmited Partenship (SLP’S): Bluebit Core Exposure SLP and Bluebit Wallets SLP.

BlueBit Core SLP

The fund aims to provide investors exposure to large cap cryptocurrencies through a basket of crypto tokens which the BlueBit investment team will dynamically rebalance based on technological evolution, liquidity and market cap.

BlueBit Wallets SLP

The vehicle is a multi-wallets fund based in several currencies. Every wallet is segregated in terms of performance and has it's own NAV. Investors can invest directly in ETH, BTC or tether and receive performance based on their invested currency. BlueBit wallets SLP provide a total return strategy.

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